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True Italian luxury bedding

NOTTINBLÚ is the only patented technology provider of pressure balance system for many Italian high-end bedding and sports car brands. With cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship for exquisite and luxury handcrafts, NOTTINBLÚ has become a dark horse in the global high-end bedding industry! With PBS balance system, diamond lattice brand symbol, Italian luxury fashion materials, 100% pure hand-made customization, and luxury dog bed that is perfectly matched to the owner's bed, it perfectly displays the elegant and refined brand essence.

Designed by the most famous chief designers in luxury clothing, bags, and other fashion industries in Italy

Global unique patented

technology and system: [PBS]

With  craftsmanship for exquisite and luxury handcrafts as exclusive feature

100% handmade, made at the birthplace of Italian luxury goods

100% lineage of Italian luxury manufacturing spirit and bloodline

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